Dowon, Sillon-ri Village in Yangpyeong
Dowon, Sillon-ri Village in Yangpyeong
At the entrance of the village there is Sillon elementary school (now closed and used as a training center for human nature) by the riverside and this is where Moraesigye (Hourglass, a popular drama in 90's) was filmed. And across from it there is the Goron park square where native village festival is held. During the festival, you can experience various festival events presented on the ground; devil post feast, pounding rice cake, making soybean malt, making soy sauce and soybean paste, straw handy craft, Samullori (Korean traditional percussion quartet) performance etc. Going up 10 minutes farther from Sillon-ri Village, you'll see Dowon-ri Village with uncontaminated nature in Sambaekgol (Valley) at the foot of Geummulsan (Mt.) which haven't revealed itself to the world.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • home made soybean paste. hot pepper paste, soy sauce, deodeok (Codonopsis lanceolata) dunggule (Solomon's seal), muknamul (poyherb), sesame, perilla seeds
  • Food
    • trout sashimi, rice mixed with wild edible plants, buckwheat noodles, hand made soybean curd

Yongmunsan tour complex, Freshwater Fish Ecology Museum, Gilgisan (Mt.) hike, Pulhyangginara


Native Village Festival (spring), forest experience, making soy and bean paste, making soybean malt


mountain village recreation facilities: 3 mountain village recreation buildings


Sa Pungjin, Dowon, Sillon-ri, Cheongwonmun, Yangpyeong-gun
+82-31-774-2543, 011-9028-9637
homepage : www.shinnon.net

How to get there

Seoul -- Yangpyeong-eup (National Road No.6) -- Dowon, Sillon-ri, Cheongunmyeon (signboard) -- Sillon-ri village

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