Mi-san Mountain Village
Mi-san Mountain Village
Beautiful mountains and clean water, Mi-san village, aka Go-ro-soe village is 60km away from In-je-gun to the south-east and 8km away from Sang-nam-myeon center. Nae-rin-cheon valley and the No.446 road pass through the village. The village is formed on both sides of the stream with three or four houses together scattered. To the north of the village stands the highest peak called Bang-tae-san mountain(1,443m), to the south Maeng-hyeon-bong mountain(1,213m), to the west Su-ri-bong mountain(945m) and to the east Chim-seok-bong and Sus-dol-bong(1,327m) like surrounding the village with two hands.
Rough mountains and deep valleys bring various sights and views and valleys and ridges encircling make the village comfortable space. Mi-san village is placed on higher and colder region, 400~600m above the sea level. The total area of Mi-san village is 2,759㏊, which amounts to 14% of the total area of Sang-nam-myeon(19,781㏊), with woodlands taking up to 96%, or 2,651㏊, of the total village area. Mi-san village has 76 households with 168 residents. It has relatively higher percentage of young people compared to those of other mountain villages.
Farming and forestry are primary jobs. Major crops include beans, rice, corns and potatoes and other non-timber forest products like wild edible herbs, wild medical herbs, shiitake mushroom and mono maple tree sap. Mi-san village used to belong to the Nae-sam-ri region of Nae-myeon Gang-reung-gun and be called Mi-dong. In 1906, the village was merged into In-je-gun and under the management of Gi-rin-myeon Sang-nam branch office. In January 10, 1983 as the branch office was promoted to Sang-nam-myeon the village got its name Mi-san-ri(美山里). Mi Go-ro-soe village is located at the most upper part of the Nae-rin-cheon stream, forming the a village at the place higher than 400m above the sea level. It has beautiful dahurian rhodidendron and royal azalea in spring and lenoks, masou and otters relaxingly swim. Around the village, the well-known Bang-tae-san(1,443m)and Gae-in-san(1,341m) mountains surround the village like a folding screen where people have settled down as their living ground. Mi-san-ri village is blessed with the Nae-rin-cheon, passing through the center of the village. It is a representative mountain village in In-je-gun. The village offers some breathing space with accommodations built with yellow soil, freshwater fish festivals and other experience opportunities along with the Nae-rin-cheon and Mi valley.
Local specialty and food

honey, shiitake mushroom, artemisia, pine mushroom, mono maple(go-ro-soe) sap, meju/bean-paste, mountain herbs' enzyme


Gaeinsan mineral spring, Bangtaesan natural recreation forest


yellow ocher sauna, rafting, Gorosoe Festival

  • Green Tour Center: 2 rooms
  • Homestay : 20 farm houses

Park Yeonghwa, village headman, Misan-ri, Sangnam-myeon, Inje-gun
+82-33-463-2764, 017-371-2764
homepage : http://www.misan1.org

How to get there

From No.44 Road in Hong-cheon Cheol-jeong checkpoint, use No. 446 Road to Hong-cheon Nae-chon A-hop-sa-ri Pass to In-je-gun Sang-nam-myeon center, it takes 20 minutes or so. It takes another 15minutes to Mi-san 1(il)-ri. At In-je-eup toward south-east direction(No. 31 Road) Sang-nam-myeon Sang-nam-ri(No.446 Road, distance: 30㎞)→Mi-san-ri: 17㎞.

From Seoul, Yeong-dong Highway → Won-ju IC → Hong-cheon IC → In-je direction → No. 44 Road → Cheol-jeong checkpoint: right turn → Hong-cheon Nae-chon-myeon → In-je Sang-nam-myeon → Mi-san-ri

From non metropolitan region, Jung-ang Highway → Hong-cheon IC → In-je direction → No. 44 Road → Cheol-jeong checkpoint: right turn → In-je Sang-nam-myeon → Mi-san-ri

From Seoul using public transportation at Seoul Sang-bong Terminal and Dong-Seoul Terminal to take express buses passing Sang-nam-myeon to Hyeon-ri. At Sang-onam bus Terminal buses to the Mi Go-ro-soe village run twice a day. Get off at the final destination, Jong-jeom Min-bak.

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