Hwangdun-ri Village in Wonju
Hwangdun-ri Village in Wonju
Until the beginning of 1980's, it was said that Hwangdun in Wonju is the farthest and the deepest mountain away from town.
It was deserted because of unpaved roads and inconvenient transportation system. So people in the village have been simple-minded and warm-hearted and remains unchanged. Residents' main source of income is from production of edible wild plants, mountain fruit, and lumber. They have maintained their livelihood and educated their children by cultivating slash-and-burn field. So they have not inherited poverty to offsprings and they have strong will to be better off.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • corn, beans, vegetables at high altitude (Korean cabbage, radish, tomatoes)
  • Food
    • Hwangbeon steamed bun filled with bean jam, wild edible plants

Sangwonsa (Temple), Yongsomak catholic church


Gamakbong (Mt.), Maebongsan (Mt.), Hwangdun natural recreation forest

  • Green Tour Center: 4 rooms
  • Homestay: 12 houses

Seok Bongho, village headman, Hwangdun-ri, Sillim-myeon, Wonju-si
+82-33-764-2216, 011-9878-2218

How to get there

Seoul -- Central Highway Sillim IC -- 2Km for Jucheon ( Local Road No. 88) -- Hwangdun-ri village

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