Dongchon-ri Village in Hwacheon
Dongchon-ri Village in Hwacheon
It is harmonized with a lake, mountains, and valleys. It borders with the truce line at the northern end of Gangwon-do.
Originally it was in the district of Gandong-myeon, Hwacheon-gun. Located on the east side of Hwacheon-eup, it was called Dongchon-ri (east village). But when the administrative districts were reorganized in 1914, it was called Dongcheon, merged with a part of Taesan-ri. After the Hwacheon reservoir was dammed up, the transportation to Gandong-myeon has become inconvenient. So it moved to Hwacheon-eup and has been merged with Taesan-ri.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • wild rocambole, pumpkin, pyogo mushroom, cucumber
  • Food
    • freshwater fish hot soup, edible wild plants, songi

Paroho (Lake)


freshwater fishing spot, charcoal kiln experience, buckwheat noodles making, waterside ecology experience, Tiger Pass Festival (October), wild catfish catching experience


Green Tour Center: 2 rooms, large board room
2 log houses, 12 farming families


Park Seyeong, village headman, Dondchon-ri, Hwacheon-eup, Hwacheon-gun
+82-33-442-3992, 017-433-4466
homepage : www.e-dongchon.com

How to get there

Seoul -- Guri, Chuncheon Riverside Drive -- Chuncheon Dam -- National Highway No. 5 for Hwacheon -- Hwacheon-eup -- Dongcheon-ri

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