Jungmaeop-ri Village in Samcheok
Jungmaeop-ri Village in Samcheok
Samcheok-si (city) is located at the southern extrimity of Gangwon-do and the heart of industry and tourism.
As a central growth base city of industry, culture, education, and tourism, it has spectacles of Myeongsasip-ri, the eastern beach, and various scattered touristic spots like Hwanseongul (Cave), the biggest limestone cave in Korea.
Jungmaeub-ri, Nogok-myeon is 21km away from downtown of Samcheok-si (city). It is a typical mountain village located at the foot of Yukbaeksan (Mt.). Mieupcheon (Stream), the main water system, flows and the local road that connects between Samcheok and Taebaek passes through the village.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • thorn ogapi, songi
  • Food
    • thorn ogapi sujebi (Korean soup with dough flakes), fried thorn ogapi

Hwanseongul (Cave), Haesindang park, Samcheok beach


fishing with bare hands, making insects' house, making thorn ogapi wine


green tour center: 2 rooms
13 families


Jungma-eup operation committee, Nogok-myeon, Samcheok
homepage : sinseon.invil.org

How to get there

Samcheok -- Samcheok multi-stadium -- for Geundeok, uljin -- Jeongla 3 corner crossing -- left turn after passing Samcheok Bridge -- Dongyang Cement Hanjae tunnel -- Geundeok -- 20 Km after right turn at Dongmak diverging point -- Jungmaeup-ri mountain village

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