Daegi-ri Village in Gangneung
Daegi-ri Village in Gangneung
It is originally a district of Gujeong-myeon, Gangneung-gun. It used to be called Hanteo, Keunteo, Daegi (large lot) because the village was so large that it was divided into 3 ri. But recently the mid slope of Gorupogisan (Mt.) was brought under cultivation and Anbandeok village was formed for Gonaengji (vegetable cultivation on high altitude area at cooler temperature) vegetable cultivation and it became 4 (sa)-ri. Along with Gyeongpodae beach, this is a good recreation mountain village to visit.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • seed potatoes, Korean white cabbage, jangnoe (cultivate mountain ginseng)
  • Food
    • Potato pancake, buckwheat noodles

Nochusan Mt.), Sadalsan (Mt.), Hwaranbong (Peak), Gyeongpodae beach


sledding ground, Seolpi wearing (outer shoes for snow)


forest cultural center 3 rooms
mountain village homestay: 8 families


Kim Eungnae, Daegiri, Wangsan, Gangneung
+82-33-647-4020, 011-379-8913
homepage : www.daegiri.or.kr

How to get there

Seoul -- Gangneung IC (1Km)-- for Seongsan (6Km) -- left at Obongdam -- for Daegiri, Wangsan-myeon (right 10km) -- Daegiri mountain village, Wangsan-myeon

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