Dowon-ri Village in Goseong
Dowon-ri Village in Goseong
The popular name of Dowon-ri village is Hyangdowon but no one knows the origin of the name. Some of the residents who used to live in the present reservoir moved to Dowon 1 (il)-ri and others to Dowon 3 (sam)-ri when the reservoir was newly constructed. Dowon 2 (yi)-ri was called Sagimak because our ancestors made pottery here long time ago and it has become the popular name as is now.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • Songi, wild herbs, Gorosoe sap, fatsia, wild grapes
  • Food
    • wild grapes wine, pyogo mushroom

Dowon valley, Seoraksan national park, Cheongganjeong, Tongil observation platform, Geonbongsa, Hwaamsa, Hwajinpo, Songjiho, Baekdo beach


experience of tour&historic relics complex


1 Cultural center,
mountain village homestay: 5 rooms of house in the forest


Kim Donggyu, village headman, Dowon-ri, Toseong-myeon,
+82-33-633-3772, 011-9143-9688

How to get there

Goseong-gun (National Highway No. 7) -- for Sokcho (15 minutes) -- Unam-ri, Jugwang-myeon -- Donggwang middle school, agricultural and technical highschool (right) 5km -- Dowon 2-ri Sageumegi

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