Eoseongjeon Village in Yangyang
Eoseongjeon Village in Yangyang
It is called Eoseongjeon because there used to be a temple named Eoseongsa about 400 years ago. Harmonizing clean water of the valleys with natural forests, Eoseongjeoncheon (River) winds around the village and makes up the ideal of nature. It attracts anglers with abundant fish such as sweet fish, salmons and catfish etc. It's the natural thesaurus with half water half fish. Especially fish playing around are beautiful.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • Songi Jangnoesan herbs, Gorosoe sap, fatsia, wild grapes
  • Food
    • freshwater fish hot soup, Songi hand-made noodles

Seoraksan national park, Micheongol natuarl recreation forest, Hajodae beach


Takjangsa game experience


9 houses in the forest, 1 experience pavilion : one room
7 pensions, 7 families of homestay


Hong Seonguk, Eoseongjeon, Hyeonbuk, Yangyang
+82-33-673-3469, 016-338-3469
homepage : http://takjangsa.go2vil.org

How to get there

Donghae Expressway Hyeonnam IC (National Highway No. 7) 12Km -- southwest of Hyeonbuk-myeon office -- National Highway No. 418 -- Eoseongjeon-ri (1Km) -- Eoseong2-ri

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