Hoedong-ri Village in Jeongseon
Hoedong-ri Village in Jeongseon
This is a basin village formed around Gariwangsan (Mt.). It is a typical mountain village with Hoedong valley stream flowing across the center. As a noted mountain decorated with cherry blossoms, apricot blossoms, azaleas in the spring, it warmly welcomes visitors who admire spring views.
Hoedong valley is the fountainhead of Yongtancheon (upper stream of Donggang (River)) where lenoks, the natural monument, inhabit in the clear water. It creates spectacles all year round with royal azaleas in spring, maples in fall and silver world of snowscape in winter.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • wild herbs, endemic honey, Sangyeolgwi wine, wild flower fatsia, wild grapes
  • Food
    • glutinous corn, kotgeungchigi noodles, buckwheat pancake, tadpole jelly

Gariwangsan (Mt.) natural recreation forest, Hwaam Mineral Spring Festival, Duwibong Royal Azalea Festival, Auraji Raft Festival


Gariwangsan (Mt.) hike, Mindungsan Eulalia Festival


homestay 8 families
Gariwangsan natural recreation forest: house in the forest


Jun Seungpyo, village headman, Hoedong-ri, Jeongseon-eup
homepage : btal.invil.org

How to get there

Seoul -- for Gangneung -- Saemal IC -- for Jeongseon -- Bihaenglijae -- Gwangha-ri -- Solchijae summit 3 corner crossing -- left turn -- Hoedong village

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