Nae-ri Mountain Village
Nae-ri Mountain Village
Nae-ri mountain village is blessed with natural scenery. By adopting natural Sabbath year system to preserve the clean natural environment, the village consists of 98% of woodlands, where collecting pine mushrooms, mountain herbs and native honey makes high income. Also, they grow agarics and shiitake mushrooms as non-polluted food material in the quiet and restful country.
Local specialty and food

farming, medicinal herbs



How to get there

Seoul Gyeong-bu, Jung-bu Highway → Singal·Ho-beop IC (Yeong-dong Highway) → Man-jong IC(Jung-ang Highway) → Je-cheon IC(No. 38 road) → Yeong-wol: 2.5hours → Ha-dong(No. 88 road) 25min.

Bu-san Nam-hae branch way → Nae-seo IC (Gu-ma highway) → Dae-gu Geum-ho IC(Jung-ang express way) → Je-cheon IC(No.38 road) → Yeong-wol:3/3.5hours → Ha-dong(No. 88 road):25min.

Gwang-ju 88 express way → Dae-gu Geum-ho IC(Jung-ang express way) → Je-cheon IC(No. 38 road) → Yeong-wol:4.5hours → Ha-dong(No. 88 road):25min.

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