Dong-gang mountain village
Dong-gang mountain village
Munsan-ri is a riverside village located at the middle part of the beautiful Dong-gang river with exquisite scenery spreading over 1-km distance. It is the last village from Yeong-wol with warm figure and fabulous exclamatory riverside view. They used to use a line boat before the bridge was built, so there remains a ferry. Climbing the mountain behind the village leads to a spot called Tte-jae, which brings the riverside view of the meander bending around Jeong-seon side area. At the lower part of the village spreads a sandy plain, forming a deep mystical marsh. The cliff roads of Dok-jin-i-be-ri or the mountain hiking paths overlook the village, adding up to the extraordinary scenery of Munsan-ri village. The village offers country experience programs like red-pepper farming, Bok-bun-ja, fishing and riverside walking as well as native food of Gang-won-do buck-wheat thin pancake and Dong-gang hot and spicy fish soup. More than anything else, rafting in the Eo-ra-yeon, the best spot around the Dong-gang area, will give an unforgettable memory. Completing the Green Tourism Center and the experience facility like mountain lodges to provide quality clean accommodation with warm hearts, Munsan-ri makes people happy just by having them stay
Local specialty and food

wild greens, Korean Raspberry(black raspberry), red pepper, organic tomato


homepage : www.dong-kang.net

How to get there

From Seoul(1)Gyeong-bu/Jung-bu Highway → Yeong-dong Highway → Man-jong IC(Nam-won-ju direction) → Jung-ang Highway → Je-cheon IC → Yeong-wol No.38 Road → Munsan-ri

From Seoul(2)Gyeong-bu/Jung-bu Highway →Yeong-dong Highway → Yeo-ju IC Jung-bu Inland Highway → Gam-gok IC Je-cheon entry → Bak-dal-jae → Je-cheon →Yeong-wol No.38 road → Munsan-ri

From Bu-san Gyeong-bu Highway → Geum-ho IC(Seo-Dae-gu) → Jung-ang Highway → je-cheon IC → Yeong-wol No.38 Road → Munsan-ri

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