Osa-ri Village in Danyang
Osa-ri Village in Danyang
As an area of Dong-myeon, Yongcheon-gun, it was called Osayeok (Station) or Yeongmal (Station Village).
As a result of the merger and abolition of administrative division in 1914, Cheongok, Seolhwa-dong, Hwasan-ri were merged, then became Osa-ri which was classified in Yongchun-myeon, Danyang-gun. The rafting course from Gak-dong, Yeongwol in Gangwon-do, to Osa-ri, Yongchun-myeon in Chungcheongbuk-do is the safest in Korea. With outstanding views and fantastic rocks it offers a variety of spectacles.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • magnet inkstone, Danyang 6-section garlic, woodwork, watermelon, mushroom, wild edible plants
  • Food
    • mandarin fish hot soup, acorn cold noodles, rice mixed with wild edible plants, osorigamtu, olbaengi after drinking soup with rice

Guinsa (Temple), 8 views of Danyang, Namcheon valley, Gosu cave, Ondal cave, Sobaeksan(Mt.), Geumsusan(Mt.), Wolaksan(Mt.), Gossi cave


rafting, cave exploring, Ondal cultural festival, Sobaeksan royal azalea festival


Mountain village recreation facility : 7 houses of Donong, one culture center
Mountain village homestay : 50 families


Ham Yeonggil(village headman), Osa-ri, Yeongchun-myeon, Danyang-gun
+82-43-423-7320, 011-9058-7320

How to get there
  • From Seoul
    • Gyeongbu Expressway -- Singil JC -- Yeongdong Expressway -- Namwonju (Manjong JC) -- Jungang Expressway -- Seojecheon IC -- straight at Jecheon Station intersection -- National Road No.5 -- Danyang -- Yeongchun -- Osa-ri
  • From Daejeon
    • Daejeon IC -- Gyeongbu Expressway -- Nami JC -- Jungbu Expressway -- Jeungpyeong IC -- National Road No.37 -- Chungju -- Danyang
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