Handeumi Village in Danyang
Handeumi Village in Danyang
It is located at the foot of Birobong (Peak), Gungmangbong (Peak), of Sobaeksan (Mt.) in Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do. This is a typical mountain village with abundant volume of water which is the cleanest quality flows so that trouts inhabit. It is also called Yeongeosil or Eouigok because it forms a big valley. All year round mountain village experience attracts a lot of visitors.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • cereals, hot pepper soybean paste, fermented soybeans, mushrooms (songi, yeongji, sanghwang, pyogo)
  • Food
    • typical mountain village meal, food experience

8 views of Danyang (Dodamsambong, Seongmun, Soseonam, Jungseonam, Haseonam, Sainam, Oksunbong, Gudambong) cave experiences in the mountain village, Sobaeksan hike, Gosu cave, Ondal cave, Nodong cave, Namhangang rafting, mandarin fish fishing


Four-Season Experiences

  • Spring : wild edible plants picking, flower pancake making

  • Summer : waterside excursion in the valley, fishing, corn fishing

  • Fall : soybean paste making, bean threshing, chestnut picking

  • Winter : glutinous rice cake making, soybean curd making, sledding

Throughout the year: Sobaeksan hiking, farming festival each season, woodcraft experience, Samgutgui(potato baking method) experience


Mountain village cultural center: one pavilion, six bungalows, 1 experience pavilion
Mountain village homestay: 6 houses


Jeong Munchan(village headman), Eouigok-ri, Gagok-myeon, Danyang-gun
+82-43-422-8416, 011-9418-8857
homepage : sanchonmaeul.com

How to get there
  • Car
    • Gyeongbu Expressway -- Singal -- Yeongdong Expressway -- Manjong JC -- Jungang Expressway -- Bukdanyang IC -- Maepo -- Danyang -- Gagok Handeumi village
  • Public transportation
    • Bus : Gangnam Express bus -- Danyang -- Gagok Handeumi village
      Train : Cheongnyangni -- Danyang -- Gagok Handeumi village
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