Okjeon-ri Village in Jecheon
Okjeon-ri Village in Jecheon
Okjeon-ri is where immaculate valley streams flow all year round and families visit for the summer. In the vicinity there are tourist attractions such as Bakdaljae recreation forest, Baeronseongji (Fortress), Taksajeong which lure visitors. In fall you can appreciate famous fall foliage of Guhaksan (Mt.) which takes pride in itself as if it bursts into flame. Mountaineers never stop visiting this village.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • jangnoesam, Codonopsis lanceolata, balloonflower, pyogo mushroom
  • Food
    • duck with Chinese medicine, rice mixed with wild edible plants

Bakdaljae recreation forest, Baeron site of a castle, Taksajeong, Guhaksan (Mt.)


Natural Kingdom Exploration Pavilion


Forest Training Center, 2 houses in the forest
15 families


Gang Yunwon, village headman, Okjeon-ri, Bongyang-eup, Jecjeon-si
043) 651-4289, 011-485-4286
homepage : www.okjc.net

How to get there

National Road No. 5 (for Wonju) - Bongyang (Taksajeong) - Taksajeong gas station - Okjeon-ri milepost (lest turn) - Nomok village entrance (about 20 min. from Jecjeon IC)

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