Geosan-ri Smurf Village in Asan
Geosan-ri Smurf Village in Asan
Geosan-ri is divided into Geosangol or Geosanggol and Seonggol village. Most of the residents are engaged in farming and produce oak mushrooms as a local specialty.
At the entrance of Geosanggol is a small settlement called Yongduwon and mountains are displayed at the back. The road to Yugu passes among villages and the villages have been formed at the foot of mountains. It keeps uncontaminable clean nature. The original structure of conventional houses has been well kept and people are generous.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • saesongi mushroom, pyogo mushroom, smurf neutari
  • Food
    • fried neutari mushroom, pygo mushroom stew

Gwangdeoksa(Temple), Bongsusa(Temple), Imjongseong(Fortress), Maengsaseong grave, Bonggoksa(Temple)


Bongsusan hiking, MTB, farming experience, environmental experience

  • Mountain village recreation facility: 2 rooms in forest recreation center, 2 rooms in village center
  • Mountain village homestay: 10 families

Bae Eunpyo(village headman), Geosan-ri, Songak, Asan
+82-41-541-3822, 011-427-2727
homepage : smurfs.invil.org

How to get there
  • Gyeongbu Expressway
    • Cheonan IC -- detour to the south -- National Road No.21 (21km) -- Onyang -- National Road No39 (10km) -- enter Oeam-ri folk village (3km) from Local Road in Songak-myeon, to
  • Seohae Expressway
    • Seopyeongtaek IC-Asanman tide embankment-National Road No39(28km)-Chungmugyo(right turn)-Onyang hot spring-National Road No30(10km)
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