Manmok-ri Village in Nonsan
Manmok-ri Village in Nonsan
Manmok-ri, located at the bottom of connecting part with Daedunsan provincial park, is a typical mountain settlement with dispersed high mountains and narrow valleys. The immaculate natural condition provides beautiful mountains, deep valleys, clear water, and fresh air. It's a good place for families to stop for a night with nature for a companion. It's a deep mountain village that keeps warmth and friendliness like the hometown where you grew up.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • pyogo mushroom, Codonopsis Lanceolata, wild edible plants
  • Food
    • rice mixed with wild edible plants

Village Valley, hike path, Daedunsan provincial park, little Geumgang of Honam, Gwanchoksa (Temple), Gaetaesa (Temple), founding temple of the Goyeo dynasty, old battlefield of General Gyebaek (Baekje Military Museum)


mushroom picking, wild flower searching, wild edible plants gathering, valley water playing, kite flying, top pspinning


Mountain village recreation facility: 6 rooms of green tour center, forest culture center


Lee Hojun(village headman), Manmok-ri, Beolgok-myeon, Nonsan-si
+82-41-733-5505, 011-428-5777
homepage : http://www.mcmm.co.kr

How to get there

Honam Expressway -- Gyeryong IC -- National Road No1 -- Yeonsan intersection (for Nonsan) -- Local Road No.68 (for Daedunsan 12km) -- about 3Km after left turn at Daedeok (mission center) 3-coner crossing

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