Damsan-ri Village in Hongseong
Damsan-ri Village in Hongseong
Oseosan (Mt.) is located on the border of Gwangcheon-eup, Hongseong-gun and Cheongso-myeon, Boryeong-si, and has a lot of crows and magpies since time immemorial. Especially, it's famous for its eulalias and called 'observation platform of the West Sea' because you can see the West Sea at one view from the top.
15-30m high, and 25-70m wide rock peaks and rock cliffs are located in the surroundings at 791m above sea level. At the bottom of the mountain there are tors, 2-3m in diameter, in groups of 3 to 5.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • organic green onion. pyogo mushroom, ogapi, edible greens
  • Food
    • salteded shrimp of Gwangcheon cave

eulalia field aroung the summit, Jeongamsa (Temple), sunset at the West Sea, rock peak, rock cliffs, birthplace of Sir. Manhae, birthplace of General Kim Jwajin, garden with paintings


Daecheon beach mud festival, cool wind bath experience(admission free)


Green tour center: 6 rooms


Park Jeongbae(village headman) Damsan-ri, Gwangcheon-eup, Hongseon-gun
+82-41-641-5023, 017-429-5023

How to get there
  • By car
    • Seoul (Seohae Expressway) -- Gwangcheon IC -- Gwangcheon-eup -- Damsan-ri (bus terminal
      Seoul(Gyeongbu Expressway) -- Cheonan IC -- National Road No21 (for Asan) -- Hongseong -- Gwangcheon-eup)
  • By train (take Janghangseon, off at Hongseong station)
    • Seoul -- Hongseong, Gwangcheon (down line): Mugunghwaho 11 times a day
  • Urban bus
    • Gwangcheon-eup -> Damsan-ri ( 5 times a day: 15 minutes)
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