Simdong-ri Village in Seocheon
Simdong-ri Village in Seocheon
It is a mountainous area connected to Charyeong mountain range and composed of four natural settlements such as Sangsim, Jungsim, Hasim, and Wolbong village.
In spring, admirable wild cherry blossoms come out splendidly and valleys formed along the range of mountains make it great recreation resort.
Local specialty and food

pyogo mushroom, masil (a kind of plum), strawberry, watermelon


village valley, Jangtaebong(Peak) hiking, wild cherry tree walk in spring, Huisisan natural recreation forest-Chunjangdae beach, camellia forest and sunrise village in Maryang-ri, Seomyeon, Genmgang Haguduk tourist attraction, Hansanmosi town, Sinseong-ri reed field


Daecheon beach mud festival, cool wind bath experience(admission free)

  • Mountain village recreation facility : one mountain village recreation, forest exhibition pavilion
  • Mountain village homestay : 3 families

Sin dongil(village headman), Simdong-ri, Pangyo-myeon, Seocheon-gun
+82-41-951-4779, 019-591-4779

How to get there

Seocheon IC -- National Road N.o21 (for Boryeong, Seoul) -- Jongcheon 3 coner crossing -- 10km after right turn

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