Myeong-am-ri, Edible Herbs Health Village
Myeong-am-ri, Edible Herbs Health Village
Myeong-am-ri is a place of well-being with 7 well-being relaxing spots, food with clean and edible herbs from the mountain, yellow soil sauna, ecological stream, mountain hiking paths, mountain bike courses, spacious playground., With fresh air, cool water and soil, the village provides comfortable rest and valuable memory with healthy mountain herb food and enjoyable nature as it is for those getting out of urban life. Seok-Gi-am(905.7m) and Gam-ak-san(886m) run from the Chi-ak-san, leading to the Yong-du-san in je-cheon. From Feng-shui perspective, it is je-cheon’s morning mountain(朝山). At the top of the Gam-ak-san mountain stand two rocks called Sunrise and Sunset peaks. The sun(日) and the moon(月) are combined into brightness(明, myeong) and rocks(岩, am), which is the name of the village. Especially, the health village of Myeong-am-ri with edible herbs from the mountains offers nature-friendly stand-alone pensions built with yellow soil, stones and woods for families to embrace the nature as it is and to improve their health conditions. It takes 10 minutes from je-cheon and is built on 6000-pyeong land surrounded by mountains and streams, which soothe peoples' stress and give them such amenities as spacious and comfortable resting places equipped with seminar rooms, yellow soil sauna, playground and restaurants as well as ecological streams, mountain hiking paths, mountain bike roads and multiple experience field to observe medicinal herbs around. It is a suitable place to visit with families and friends to feel the nature and make some valuable memories
Local specialty and food

wild edible plants, apple, pickled herbs, pine mushroom


homepage : www.wellbeing.co.kr

How to get there
  • From Seoul: Yeong-dong Highway → Yeo-ju service area → Jung-bu in-land Highway(Chung-ju direction) → take Gam-gok I.C toward je-cheon direction and right turn → Bak-dal-jaei Tunnel → take a right turn at Yeon-bak sam-geo-ri → go straight toward Tak-sa-jeong → left turn at An-gyeong bridge sam-geo-ri(Bong-yang police branch office) → left turn toward Myeong-am reservoir → right turn at Myeong-am-ri village center → Health village with mountain herbs.
  • From Gangwon, Chun-cheon: On Jung-ang Highway leaving je-cheon I.C behind for Chung-ju direction → at about 1km ahead right turn to Bong-yang → go straight to Tak-sa-jeong → left-turn at An-kyeong bridge sam-geo-ri(Bong-yang police branch) → left turn toward Myeong-am reservoir → right turn at village center → Health village
  • Public transportation: At je-cheon Dong-san-ap terminal get on the No. 80 bus (7:50am/12:45pm/6:10pm) → get off at Myeong-am Health village
  • From je-cheon city center go straight to Ui-rim-ji direction → at je-cheon youth hall go straight forward → at Pi-jae-gol go straight for about 7km → Health village
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