O-mi Mountain Experience Village
O-mi Mountain Experience Village
Located at a semi-high elevation and cool area and at the foot of the ridge of the Gam-ak-san, the village has more beautiful mountain scenery than anywhere else. In the valley live crayfish and firefly, which indicates the place is not polluted and clean. The natural clean village produces lots of O-mi-ja(Chinese magnolia vine) fruits, which is the name of the village, O-mi. Also, they produce cultivated mountain ginseng(Jang-noe-sam), native honey, Lance asiabell, pine mushroom and other medicinal herbs in the village. The big change of temperature between day and night helps yield crops of high quality and taste, all of which matches the concept of a village with clean nature.
Local specialty and food

Enzyme of wild herbs, pine mushroom


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How to get there

Yeong-dong Highway → Sillim IC → No. 88 Road to Hwang-dun Ju-cheon direction 12Km → 2.6km from Hwang-dun primary school-O-mi Mountain Village

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