Yidong Village in Muju
Yidong Village in Muju
It has been called Baegol or Baenamugol (Pear Valley) because there are a lot of pear trees and now it's called Yidong village, the name of natural settlement at present. It's a typical mountainous district and there is a traditional fermentative food processing complex where you can experience our traditional soybean paste. It is a quiet mountain village that promotes traditional soybean paste and succeed to the spirit of our national culture. It is a quiet mountain village utilizing our cultural tourist resources and activating local economy through reenacting the space of traditional functions.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • pyogo mushroom, traditional soybean paste, hot pepperpaste, fermented soybeans
  • Food
    • Jeoksangsan soft beancurd, marinated duck, native chicken

Jeoksangsan(Mt. 100 noted scene in Korea), Cheonilpokpo(fall), Jangdobawi(Rock), Sanjeonghosu(Lake), Anguksa(Temple), Mujugucheondong


Jeokjangsan hiking, traditional soy and bean paste complex visit


Homestay: 16 families


Park Cheonsu(village headman), Bangsa-ri, Jeoksang-myeon, Muju-gun
+82-63-322-4852, 011-9990-8200

How to get there

Daejeon, Tongyeong Expressway - for Jinju - Muju IC - right turn in 3-coner crossing - Gaok 3-coner crossing - for Geumsan left turn - Mujuyoungpo Judong - Bangsa-ri, Jeoksang-myeon - traditional doenjang folk village

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