Jongsan-ri Village in Jeongeup
Jongsan-ri Village in Jeongeup
The village is located at the bottom of Mukbangsan (Mt.). Clear water of Seomjin dam flows in front of it, becoming a lifeline of the Honam field. In the vicinity there are Seomjin dam, hike trails, Seomjindam belt highway were built. Okjeongho (Lake) dam and Mukbangsan attracts visitors all year round and immaculate streams from deep valleys and mountains flow throughout the year.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • pyogo mushroom, Codonopsis Lanceolata, bracken, herb wrap strips, aster
  • Food
    • freshwater fish hot soup, steamed crucian carp, catfish soup, Korean beef

Okjeongho(Lake), Unam hydropower plant, Kim Dongsu house, Chilbo hydropower plant, Museong Seowon(lecture hall), Taeinpihyangjeong, Donghak revolution historic scene


Mukbangsan hiking

  • Mountain village recreation facility : 2 village centers
  • Mountain village homestay : 5 houses

Gang Jaegun(village headman), Jongsan-ri, Sanoe, Jeong-eup
+82-63-538-5191, 011-681-5191

How to get there

Jeonju - for Imsil, Unam - Wanjugui 3-coner crossing - for Jeong-eup National Road No49 - left turn before Sanoe-myeon seat (No 715) - left turn at Unamdam 3-coner crossing

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