Sinam-ri Village in Jinan
Sinam-ri Village in Jinan
It is on the eastern part of jeonlabuk-do, and a typical agricultural mountain village located in the immaculate natural valley under Seongaksan (Mt.) with Demisaem (spring), the fountainhead of Seomjingang (River), and deep natural valleys. It is the perfect place to experience a mountain village and visited by tourists all year round because there are a lot of tourist attractions in the vicinity such as Maisan provincial park and Punghyeollaengcheon (cold mineral spring).
Local specialty and food

Jangnoesam (cultured mountain ginseng), pyogo mushroom, Hanbong honey


village natural valley, Demisaem walking pathway, Jian Maisan(Mt.), Gubongsan(Mt.), Uniram(Rock), Baniram(Rock)


Seongaksan(Mt.), Palgongsan(Mt.) hiking and wild edible plants picking

  • Mountain village recreation facility : 3 rooms in experience pavilion, 4 log houses
  • capacity : max-150, opt-80

Kim Sedu(village headman), Sinam-ri, Baegun-myeon, Jinan-gun
+82-63-432-1954,5188, 011-652-4656
homepage : www.jinan.go.kr

How to get there
  • Daejeon - Tongyeong(Muju-Jinju) Express National Road - Jangsu IC - Local Road No742(Jindari village-Jinan-gun seat 5km) - for Baegun-myeon, Garim-ri Euncheon village (8.55km) - Baegun-myeon(8.5km) - Sinam-ri mountain village(10km).
  • Jeonju(39km) - Jinan-gun seat - for Baegun-myeon, Garim-ri Euncheon village(5km) - Baegun-myeon(8.5km) - Sinam-ri mountain village(10km)
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