Jirisan Yonggung-ri Village in Namwon
Jirisan Yonggung-ri Village in Namwon
Yonggung family recreation mountain village is the perfect resort place which is harmonized with thick pine forest, walks along the lake, clear water of the valley. This is the village visited by many tourists all year round since the sunset glow over Gyoryongsanseong (Fortress) and the wind blowing from pine forests of Jirisan (Mt.) are the masterpieces.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • Sansuyu, songi mushroom, wild Codonopsis Lanceolata, puogo mushroom, Gorosoe mineral spring, Hanbong (Korean honey)
  • Food
    • native chicken (boiled in water), green tea cold noodles, green tea dough flakes in soup

Yeongjebong valley, walking pathway, Guryongpokpo, Jeongnyeongchi Maae Buddha, Jirisan national park, Namwon Gwanghallu, Chunhyang theme park, Manin cemetary, Heungbu village, Heungbusol natural recreation forest, Byeongangsoe Park


natural dying experience, tea ceremony experience, Korean folk experience, traditional martial arts experience


Mountain village recreation facility : 1 restaurant and experience pavilion
5 mountain huts, 1 swimming pool


Gwak Jinpal(manager), Yonggung-ri, Jucheon-myeon, Namwon-si
+82-63-626-0031, 016-9611-0031

How to get there
  • For Seoul
    • Jeonju-front Seonamdae-Industrial road-Jucheon-myeon office - 3-coner crossing, turn right 0.9km
  • For Daegu, Gwangju
    • 88 Expressway - Namwon IC - Namwon hospital - Sunchongan industrial road - Jucheong-myeon office - 3-coner crossing, straight
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