Anjeong-ri Village in Sunchang
Anjeong-ri Village in Sunchang
It is located at the bottom of Noryeong mountain range on the south of jeonlabuk-do. It is a historic mountainous village where Nambugun (North Korean Partisan In South Korea) began operations during the Korea war, and also famous as the background of the movie "Nambugun". It is visited by many tourists all year round for hot pepper paste experience and Hoemunsan (Mt.) natural recreation forest.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • organic hot pepper paste, pine needle anti-bacterial soybean paste, traditional soysause, fatsia, Gorosoe mineral spring, Hanbong (Korean honey
  • Food
    • Sannae village, hot pepper experience pavilion

village valley, walking path, Iljumun, Manilsa (Temple), Hyanggari public garden, Hoemunsan natural recreation forest, Gangcheon national park, Churyeongsan Jangseung vilage


fatsia picking (seasonal), hot pepper making, bean curd making

  • Mountain recreation facility : one room of experience center, 2 rooms of visitor center, one room of culture center
  • Mountain village homestay : 6 families

Lee Giman(village headman), Anjeong-ri, Gurim-myeon, Sunchang-gun
+82-63-652-8948, 016-9855-8948
homepage : www.anjeong.org

How to get there
  • Honam Expressway
    • Taein IC- National Road No30-Okjeongho, Seomjingangdam-National Road No27(for Sunchan 10km)- 3-coner crossing(right turn 3km)
  • Gwangju & 88 Expressway
    • Sunchang IC- National Road No27-for Jeonju 20km- Amchi Gogae 3-coner crossing(left turn, for Hoemunsan natural recreation forest)- Anjeong village
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