Bichon Village in Gwangyang
Bichon Village in Gwangyang
Located at the bottom of Baegunsan (Mt.), jeonlanam-do, it has fresh air breathed out of Baegunsan, which embraces clear and green valleys. Chestnuts and Gorosoe mineral spring have grown out of the green. That is a village which wouldn't allow any drops of sweat or heat and where fairies seemed to live.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • gorosoe mineral water, chestnut, bracken, plum, dried persimmon
  • Food
    • grilled black goat, grilled wild boar

Baegunsan(Mt.) and valley, Gwangyang ironwork, Gwangyang harbor container wharf, Baekhak-dong, Baegunsan natural recreation forest, Seomjingang(River), Buramsanseong(Fortress)


bracken picking experience, plum picking, dried persimmon making, gorosoe gathering

  • Mountain village recreation facility : 1 log house
  • Homestay : 17 families

Hwang Sangbo, Bipyeong-ri, Jinsang-myeon, Gwangyang-si
+82-61-772-3281, 011-351-8203

How to get there
  • Namhae Expressway(downline from Seoul and jeonla-do)
    • Okgok IC - Okgok - Jinsang
  • Namhae Expressway(upline from Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do)
    • Jinwol IC - National Road No2 - Jinsang - Bicheon
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