Geumcheon-ri Village in Gwangyang
Geumcheon-ri Village in Gwangyang
Located at the bottom of Baegunsan (Mt.), jeonlanam-do, Gwangyang-seomjin (Maehwa village) is the first village which sings the spring with Maehwa (a kind of apricot), the messenger of spring in Korea.
Maesil (plum, ume), Gorosoe mineral spring, chestnuts, Jaecheop (corbicula) of Seomjingang, green tea are produced and beautiful Seomjingang (River) reminiscent of an Oriental painting embraces it in front.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • plum, gorosoe mineral water, chestnut, Seomjingang jaecheop, green tea
  • Food
    • Seomjingang jaechoep(shellfish) soup and sashimi, Seomjingang king crab, Gwangyang charcoal grilled meat, South Seashore gizzard shad sashimi

Baegunsan(Mt.) and valley, Gwangyang ironwork, Gwangyang harbor container wharf, Baekhak-dong, Baegunsan natural recreation forest, Seomjingang(River)


Taking plum, making handmaid bean-curd

  • Baegunsan naturanl recreation forest, 2 rooms of Geumcheonsan mountain village recreation facility
  • Mountain village homestay : 20 families

Kim Hyeongju(village headman), Geumcheon-ri, Daap-myeon, Gwangyang-si
+82-61-772-6970, 011-9450-3970
+82-61-797-3572, 3577 (Gwangyang city forest office )

How to get there
  • Namhae Expressway(downline from Seoul and jeonla-do)
    • Okgok IC - Okgok - Jinsang - National Road No2 - Daap - Seomjin
  • Namhae Expressway(upline from Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do)
    • Jinwol IC - Local Road No861 - Seomjin
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