Moam Village in Jangseon
Moam Village in Jangseon
The afforested area of Chungnyeongsan (Mt.), located in Seosam Moam village has been cultivated by Lim Jongguk, a member of the independent movement. It was devastated during the Korean war but now it is the largest man-made afforested area. Phytoncide from the cryptomericas and Pyeonbaek (old pine) forest removes stress prominently. A lot of families and hikers visit for forest bath.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • dried persimmon, Janseong apple, Janseong graph, gorosoe
  • Food
    • parboiled pheasant, healthy barley meal, steamed catfish, wild edible green, meal set, maple bean curd

Moam Seowon(lecture hall), Samnamu(tree) and Pyeonbaegrim(tree) in Chugryeongsan(Mt.), Piram Seowon(lecture hall), Ho Gildong house, Geumgok movie village, Gobulchongrim, Baegyangsa(Temple), Geumgok movie village


Chugryeongsan hiking and forest bath


Mountain village recreation facility: 4 log houses, village culture center


Kim Sanggi(village headman), Moam, Seosam, Jangseong
+82-61-393-4848, 011-9085-4848

How to get there
  • Honam Expressway
    • Jangseong IC - Jangseong-eup - County Road No13(for Gochang) - Seonam-myeon seat - 3km(Moam village entrance) - 2km(experience and recreation facility)
  • Gwangju & 88 Expressway
    • Gochang IC - Gochang-eup - Local Road No899(for Jangseong) - border between jeonlanam-do and jeonlabuk-do - 2km(branch office of National Institute of Scientific Investigation) - 1km(Moam village entrance)
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