Wian-ri Village in Gurye
Wian-ri Village in Gurye
Located at the bottom of Jirisan (Mt.), buried in a cozy Sansuyu (a tree) forest, it adds warm feelings. Immaculate valley stream flows through the village which is visited by many families.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • sansuyu, gorosoe sap, Jirisan wild edible plants, chestnut, Korean honey, tea (from young leaves), native wheat flour, Seomjin Garam rice
  • Food
    • grilled black goat, sansuyu wine, wild edible meal set, sweetfish sashimi, Codonopsis lanceolata

Sansuyu flower valley, Jinsan hot spring complex, Gusang water leisure town, Jirisan national park, Surakpokpo(fall), Hwaeomsa(Temple), Cheoneunsa(Temple), Nogodan, Piagol(Valley), Yeonggoksa(Temple)


sansuyu flower picture taking, gorosoe mineral water correcting, valley water play (sansuyu flower festival - end of March)

  • Mountain village homestay : 23 families
  • Recreation facility : 2 hotels, 1 resort

Gu Hyeonggeun(village headman), Wian-ri, Sandong-myeon, Gurye-gun
+82-61-783-1330, 018-615-1330
homepage : www.gurye.net

How to get there
  • Honam Expressway
    • Honam Expressway(Jeonju IC) - Namwon Chunhyang tunnel entrance(for Gurye) - National Road No19 - Bamjae tunnel - 8.6km - Jirisan hot spring - Wian village
  • Gwangju & 88 Expressway
    • Damyang - Gokseon - Gurye - National Road No17 - Jirisan hot spring land - Wian village
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