Daesan-ri Village in Boseong
Daesan-ri Village in Boseong
It's located at the bottom of Jeamsan (Mt. 807m), the highest in Boseon-gun. It is a district with clear water and fresh air. In spring 8,100 acre of royal azalea stock on the mountain in front of the village creates a magnificent spectacle. Cool valleys with Yongchu falls and snowscape in winter gives a sentiment of hometown all year round. It's a district of green tea with warm hearts.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • early-ripening rice, neutari (mushroom), pyogo (mushroom), bokbunja, cherry tomato, new cucumber
  • Food
    • Yongchu garden - wild boar dish

Jeamsan natural recreation forest, Ilrimsan (Mt.), Yongchupokpo (fall), Ungchi tourism farm

  • Ungchi-myeon, Bongsan-ri, Samsu village(green farm village): tea making
  • Green tea farming garden: making green tea doejang, hot pepper paste, fermented soybeans
  • Mountain village recreation facility : 10 rooms of mountain village center
  • Mountain village homestay : 2 families
  • village nearby : 8 rooms of Jeamsan natural recreation forest, 7 rooms of Youngchu mountain villa, 8 rooms of Ungchi tourism farm, 8 rooms of Deulpul

Park Jeomdae(village headman), Daesan-ri, Ungchi, Boseong, jeonlanam-do
+82-61-852-6335, 011-9667-7879

How to get there
  • Honam Expressway
    • Donggwangju IC - Jisan belt way(for Hwasun) - Hwasun-gun - Neungju-myeon - Iyang-myeon - Boseong-eup(a public stadium)
  • Boseong-eup(a public stadium)
    • National Road No2(for Jangheung-gun) - before Boseongseokmul(left turn) - Ungchi-myeon(10km) - for Jeamsan natural recreation forest(2km) - Daesan village(Haeryong, Daman)
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