Wondal-ri Village in Gokseong
Wondal-ri Village in Gokseong
This village is where Taeansa (Temple), an ancient temple since a thousand years ago, is located in Wondal-ri, Jukgok-myeon, Gokseong-gun. It's located under a cool valley and a forest, mainly composed of oaks owned by Taesansa. It attracts visitors throughout the year with gifted tourist attractions.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • chestnut, bracken, fatsia etc. wild edible plants
  • Food
    • king crab soup, sweetfish sashimi

Taeansa (Temple), small tree tunnel, Amrok resort


Samsan hiking course experience, a five-day interval village market, experience of snow on the branches and royal azalea in Manyeonsa(Temple)


Park Byeongju(lodge manager), Wondal village, Jukgok Gokseong
+82-61-362-4695, 011-9441-4695
homepage :

How to get there
  • From Honam Expressway
    • Gwangju for Suncheon - Gurye, Seokgok IC - Boseonggang(National Road No18) - for Aprok - Taeangyo(Bridge) - for Wondal
  • From Suncheon-si
    • Suncheon(National Road No18) - for Gurye - Goemok 3-coner crossing, Hwangjeon-myeon - Woldeung-myeon seat - for Jukgok
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