Ma-jo, Hak-dong Mountain Village
Ma-jo, Hak-dong Mountain Village
Ma-jo, Hak-dong Mountain Village, blessed from heaven.
The village is surrounded by Un-jang-san mountain and Yong-dam-ho lake. It is closely located to the Mai-san mountain and other famous tourist attractions like Un-il-am and Ban-il-am. Due to reduced farming land resulting from flood, they usually grow shiitake mushroom, San-yang-sam, Han-bong(native honey collection) and Go-ro-soe(mono maple) sap and other farm produces and raise domestic animals as well as process farming produces.
Local specialty and food

dried persimmon without seeds, shiitake mushroom, cultivated mountain ginseng(Jang-noe-sam), han-kwa(Traditional Korea Cookie)


homepage : www.hakdong.or.kr

How to get there
  • Ho-nam Highway : Jeon-ju IC → Jeon-ju station → Jin-an direction(No. 26 road) → Bu-gwi sam-geo-ri → Bu-gwi-myeon center → Jeong-cheon-myeon center → Ma-jo-Hakdong village(No. 11 provincial road)
  • Dae-jin Highway : Dae-jeon → Geum-san IC → Yong-dam → Jeong-cheon-myeon center → Ma-jo, Hak-dong village(No.11 provincial road)
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