Sagok Village of Sinwon-ri, Yeongyang
Sagok Village of Sinwon-ri, Yeongyang
It is located at the bottom of Yeongyang, under Geommasan (Mt.) to the south and Ullyeonsan (Mt.) to the east. It is a hinterland and main district of producing Yeongyang hot pepper. And also Songibeoseot (mushroom) and edible wild plants are produced a lot. A lot of summer visitors come to the village for Geommasan recreation forest and surrounding valleys.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • Yeongyang hot pepper, songi(mushroom), wild edible plants, gorosoe sap
  • Food
    • Sinwon tourist garden (specialty gift shop) - rice mixed with wild edible plants in stone bowl, black goat dish

Seonbawi tourist resort, Yeondangseoseokji, Seokbodudeul village, Jo Jihun house, Suha lightning bug


study and observe Cheonghwasan farm and organic agriculture

  • Mountain village recreation facility : well-being center
  • Mountain village homestay : 14 rooms

Lee Yonghyeon(village headman), Sinwon-ri, Subi-myeon,Yeongyang-gun
+82-54-682-5900, 011-9856-8187

How to get there
  • Jungang Express
    • Andong IC - National Road No34(for Yeongdeok) - Jinbowoljeon checkpoint(left turn) - National Road No31(for Yeongyang) - Munam 3-coner crossing - Subi-myeon seat(for Baegam hot spring) - Geommasan recreation forest entrance - Sagok village, Sinwon-ri
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