Ipseok Village in Sangju
Ipseok Village in Sangju
Cheonghwasan (Mt.) is located at the spot of Jungwon, stretched via Sobaek mountain range out of Baekdu Daegan mountain system along the East Sea holding flowers in spring, shouting green in summer and through the sweltering heat fall foliage in fall. The top of Cheonghwasan is covered with snow from late fall to late spring and proud of its mystic figure. A small village under the mountain has been called Gwibillae Village since time immemorial. The name means that a guest of honor will be coming.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • hot pepper paste, Cheonghwasan dried persimmons, endemic honey
  • Food
    • trout sashimi, bean-curd dish, doenjang meal set, wild edible plants meal set



study and observe Cheonghwasan farm and organic agriculture


Homestay: 7 pension(22 rooms)


Lee Seongjae(village headman), Ipseok-ri, Hwabuk-myeon, Sangju-gun
+82-54) 531-3934, 011-521-3934
homepage : www.chsfarm.co.kr

How to get there

Seoul - Jungbu Expressway - Jeungpyeong IC - via Hwayang valley - for Munjangdae

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