Seobyeok-ri Village in Bonghwa
Seobyeok-ri Village in Bonghwa
Located at the southern end of Baekdu Daegan mountain system, Dunae village that deeply impresses passers-by with its ever changing looks every season. It is a typical mountain village that keeps peace all the time with fragrance of apples in fall. It has also been famous for its mineral spring.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • Bonghwa songi, pyogo (mushroom), pine fragrance, apple, Bonghwa wallnut, Bonghwa hot pepper
  • Food
    • songi noodle
  • Chunyangmok(tree), Dunae mineral water, Sudal valley, Ungokcheon(River),
  • Local tourism: Taebaeksansagoji(old library), Cheongryangsna provincial park
  • Chunyangmok forest visit, Korean herb pavilion visit, Dune mineral water visit
  • Hike path : Taebaeksan, Okdolbong, Mususan, Badkdu Dagan

Mountain villa: 6 rooms


Baek Jinha, Seobyeok-ri, Chunyang-myeon, Bonghwa-gun
+82-54-672-4178, 011-805-4178
homepage : cs.invil.org

How to get there
  • Jungang Express
    • Bonghwa - Murya - Dunae(National Road No915) - 23km
    • Bonghwa - Chunyang(National Road No36) - Seobyeok(Local Road No88) - Dunae(37km)
    • Dunae - Dosim-ri(forest road, farm road 9km)
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