Namgok-ri Village in Sangju
Namgok-ri Village in Sangju
Namgok-ri village in Euncheok-myeon has been famous for its beautiful landscape.
It is a fertile region fused with gifted natural scenery that has kept a variety of culture since the era of the Three Hans (ancient times).
Rice, silkworms, and dried persimmons are produced in this region. Especially the yield of dried persimmons accounts for over 50% of national yield and also it is a region of Sambaek (three whites) because people are good-hearted.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • dried persimmon, Eunjagol immaculate rice, grape, silk worm powder, natural bracken
  • Food
    • Eunjagol wine

village hiking path, Seongjubong, Namsan hiking course

  • Mountain village well-being center : 4 rooms
  • Mountain village homestay : 4 families

Kim Gwanseop(village headman), Namgok, Euncheok, Sangju
054-541-6574, 011-541-6571
homepage : eunjagol.invil.org

How to get there

Gimcheon - for Gumi - Jungbu inland Expressway(Gumi ~ Yeoju) 30 minutes - Sangju IC - Mungyeong,Yeongju 2km - National Road No3 - Oeseo,Euncheok(sign) - Seongjubong natural recreation forest(direction board) - Bongjung-ri, Euncheok-myeon - for Hwangryeong 2km - Deoksan village

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