Goran-ri Village in Andong
Goran-ri Village in Andong
11km away from the site of Giran-myeon office, it is located 520m down from Gyemyeongsan (Mt.). It is enclosed with high mountains, forming a basin. Forests of natural pines and oaks like a strip of an oriental painting have kept the mystery of ancient times. Gyemyeongsan natural recreation forest is 3 minutes away and it is equipped with convenient facilities such as hike trails, and walks so the village attracts a lot of family-oriented tourists.

Gildancheon(River), Cheonjigapsan(Mt.), Yonggye ginkgo, Jirye art village, Imhadam, Dosan Seowon(lecture hall), Bongjeongsa(Temple), Jangseungchon Hahoe village


Mountain village recreation facility : 3 rooms of village center
Gyemyeongsan natural recreation forest : 23 houses


Kim Gyehan(village headman), Goran, Giran, Andong
+82-54-822-0248, 011-728-4909

How to get there
  • Juang Expressway
    • Nam(Seo)andong IC - National Road No35 for Yeongdeok - bridge before Andong Unvi.(right turn) - for Yeongcheon - Giran-myeon seat - Garam tourism farm - Gyemyeongsan(sign)
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