Dusan-ri Juchigol Village in Yeongju
Dusan-ri Juchigol Village in Yeongju
It is 450m above sea level, located on hilly area under Ongnyeobong (Peak) and Dosolbong (Peak) of Sobaeksan (Mt.). It is a village where it's cool in summer and it snows a lot in winter. It is connected to tourist resorts in the vicinity where Ongnyeobong natural recreation forest and Punggi hot spring of Sobaeksan are located only 5 minutes away. A lot of hikers and tourists visit this village throughout the year.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • Punggi ginseng, Yeongju apple, Yeongju Korean native beef, Dansan grape, Punggi rayon
  • Food
    • Ongnyeobong garden (welfare center in the mountain village) - native chicken, boiled duck, spicy bulgogi

Sobaeksan hiking(Dosolbong, Oknyebong), Sobaek national park, Sosu Seowon(lecture hall), Seonbi village, Punggi hot spring, Buseoksa(Temple), Huibangsa(Temple)

  • Mountain village homestay : 6 rooms of Oknyebong garden
  • Oknyebong natural recreation forest : 18 houses

Yun Jangho(village headman), Dusan-ri, Bonghyeon-myeon, Yeongju-si
+82-54-636-7621, 011-9580-8633

How to get there
  • Juang Expressway
    • Punggi IC - National Road No5 for Jecheon and Danyang - Sobaeksan gas station(left turn) in front of Punggi hot spring 3km - Jucigol village
    • Punggi IC - National Road No5 for Jecheon and Danyang - Bonghyeon elementary school - Juchigol village
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