Bonghwa Naesan Village in Namhae
Bonghwa Naesan Village in Namhae
It is a village located at the southern extremity of Gyeongsangnam-do. It has kept gifted environmentally friendly nature enclosed by immaculate beach area. Under the village there are Naesan reservoir and Namhae Pyeonbaek recreation forest. Geumsan (Mt.) that embraces Naesan village is a noted mountain. From the top of the mountain you can see the great view of Sangju beach and the surrounding coast. This is the village a lot of tourists and hikers visit.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • Jukbang anchovy, pickled anchovy, Nahaeseom garlic, citron, citron juice, citron soap, citron wine, pickled garlic, flax, incense, bamboo salt
  • Food
    • sashimi from immaculate sea area : hairtail and anchovy sashimi, grilled hairtail

butterfly ecology park, Namhae Pyeonbaek recreation forest, Mulgeonbangjoeoburim(natural monument No 150), Naesan reservoir, Haeoreum art village, Hallyehaesang national park, Geumsan Boridam, Yongmunsa, Songjeong and Sangju beach, Wonsieoeopjukbangryeom


sea village experience (Jijok, Munhang, Deokwol, Yupo) : short-necked clam picking

  • Mountain village recreation facility : one room of experience pavilion, 2 rooms of visitor center, one room of culture center
  • Mountain village homestay : 6 families

Naesan Sanchon experience pension, Bonghwa, Samdong, Namhae
+82-55-867-7177, 011-9533-9171
homepage : www.naesanpark.com

How to get there
  • Daejin, Namhae Expressway (Seoul, Busan, Gwangju)
    • Jinju - Namhae Expressway - Jingyo IC - Namhaedaegyo(Bridge) - for Namhae-eup(National Road No19) 14km - Naesan village 20km
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