Gucheon-ri Village in Miryang
Gucheon-ri Village in Miryang
Yangmaeul in Gucheon is connected with Eoreumgol (icy valley) tour trail and adjacent to Pyochungsa (Temple) tourism complex in Jaeyaksan (Mt.), which is Alps of Yeongnam (Gyeongsang-do). Gucheon has been named because it is where 9 streams from east and west valleys of Jaeyaksan join together. It is easy for city dwellers to access and many tourists visit throughout the year.
Tourism Course
  • Miryang station - Yeongnamru - Pyochungsa - ice valley - Maneosa - Jagwongwan or Antae park
  • Miryang station - Yeongnamru - Yerimseowon - Chuwonje - Pyochungbigak - Samyeong(a great Buddhist priest) house - Yeongsanjeongsa - Seongbo museum - Eobyeondang
  • summer cycle course
    • first Miryanggyo - Yeongnamru - Hwalseong public garden - Ginneup pine forest - City Hall - second Miryanggyo
  • finding traditional temple
    • Mubongsa - Pyochungsa - Yerimseawon - Pyochungbigak - Daebeopsa - Eobyeondang - Byeongyeryangbigak - Susanje
Local specialty and food

Danjang date, icy valley apple, Samnyangjin strawberry, Muan hot pepper, Sangnam sesame leaf, pyogo, Miryang Arirang rice, Sapo grapes, apple jam, hot pepper paste, Jaeyaksan dropwort


Mountain village recreation facility : one endemic good market, 7 rooms of green tour center, one village center


Choi Yunseok(village headman), Gucheon-ri, Danjang-myoen, Miryang-si
+82-55-352-1608, 011-9504-1608

How to get there
  • Gyeongbu Expressway Eonyang IC - National Road No24(from Seoknamsa, ice valley to Geumgok-ri) - Local Road No1044, 10km
  • Gyeongbu Expressway Dongdaegu IC - National Road No25(from Gyeongsan-si, Cheongdo-gun to Gihoe pine forest entrance) - Gihoe pine forest 3-coner crossing to National Road No24(for Ulsan) - Geumgok
  • Gyeongsan IC - for Cheongdo - Miryang - Geumgok
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