Sangil Village in Uiryeong
Sangil Village in Uiryeong
Leaning against Byeokhwasan (Mt. 522m) and embracing Namgang (River), it is a classic noted mountain in Uiryeong, located at the center of Gyeongsangnam-do. It is a village like a hometown and visited by many tourists who wish to enjoy leisure time at a farming village and still landscape.
Local specialty and food
  • Local specialty
    • plum extract, traditional doenjang, fatsia, honey, pyopo(mushroom), bran cake
  • Food
    • native chicken, catfish soup, beef soup with rice, buckwheat noodles

Namgangbyeon, Byeokhwasan hike path, Chungiksa(Temple), Ilbungsa(Temple), Byeoggye camping, Jagulsan(Mt.), Hanusan(Mt.)


fatsia picking(seasonal), plum picking(seasonal), fishing, Namgang canoeing

  • Mountain village recreation facility : 2 rooms of visitor center, one cultural center
  • Mountain village homestay : 5 families

Taeyong(village headman), Sangil-ri, Hwajeong-myeon, Uiryeong-gun
+82-55-574-9725, 017-554-9725
E-mail : pinus606@hanmail.net

How to get there
  • Namhae Expressway
    • Gunbuk, Uiryeong IC - Uiryeong-eup - Local Road No1040 - Sangil village(total 17km)
  • Namhae Expressway
    • Jisu IC - Jangbaggyo - Sangil village(total 5km)
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