Samjang Honggye Village in Sancheong
Samjang Honggye Village in Sancheong
The feature of the land is steep and it is located at the bottom of Ungseokbong (Peak), named as is because it looks like a bear. It is famous for its nymph bath, one of the 100 noted waters in Korea. It is also called Gunttam village because there have been a lot of wise men. The famous specialty of this district is 'honey apples of Jirisan (Mt.)'. It is also famous for quality medical herbs such as Cheonma, Changchul etc.
Local specialty and food

endemic black pork, wild edible plants, Korean herb chicken soup


Georim valley, Hwangmaesan movie theme park, Deocheon Seowon(lecture hall), Daewonsa valley, Ungseoksan national park, Jirisan, Cheonwangbong


Gyeonghogang rafting

  • 4 rooms of forest culture center
  • Jirisan valley pension, Sancheong Jirisan pension, Sancheon Hemingway

Choi Manhan(village headman), Honggye-ri, Samjang-myeon, Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
+82-55-972-9494, 016-9669-949

How to get there
  • Jinju - Daejeon Expressway
    • Daejeon - Jinju - Sancheon IC - Geumseo industrial complex of rural areas(left turn) - Sangchon village, Honggye-ri
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