Kkot-dol Village
Kkot-dol Village
The Seo-si-cheon stream flowing down from the Dae-dun-san mountain along the ridges of the Tae-baek-san and also natural carbonate mineral water run through the village. The village was settled down by refugees during the Japanese invasion in the age of Jo-seon Dynasty. Goe-jeong-ri village still maintains heavenly natural scenery, clean and clear natural five-colored mineral water and the warm-hearted people, so lots of people from cities visit here for the quietness and comfort. This village has the Kkot-dol experience hall, which is the only one in the country. Also, it is well known for special produces like apples, red pepper, pine mushroom, edible herbs, native honey, natural medicinal herbs and Go-ro-soe(mono maple). The village is free from natural disasters like storms and hails due to the high mountains surrounding it.
Local specialty and food

apple, pine mushroom


homepage : www.gj-love.co.kr

How to get there

Yeong-dong Highway → Man-jong IC → Jung-ang Highway (An-dong direction) → Seo-an-dong IC Andong → Goe-jeong 1(il)-ri Jin-bo-myeon

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