Ok-gye Mountain Village
Ok-gye Mountain Village
Ok-gye village is surrounded by a series of 8 peaks soaring up around the ridge of the Pal-gak-san mountain. In the first year of king Jeong-jong in the age of Joseon(1398), a scholar with virtue and intelligence settled down in this village and explored surrounding area, naming himself Ok-gye, meaning the clean and clear natural surroundings in the region and later it became the name of the village. Eight peaks soaring up with the mountain and the valley are called Ok-gye Pal-bong, or Pal-gak-san. It attracts more than 110,000 tourists and mountain hikersevery year as not just another mountain village but as a place worth visiting. It offers a variety of food using goats, native chicks, mountain herbs etc. Also, they sell local special produces. It is an all-season attraction. Further, Ok-Gye Mountain Villageis connected with the tourist course in east coast clean region and ju-wang-san national park to provide experiences of mountain culture and resting places. It is a place for learning and enjoying as an experience playground.

Ok-gye valley(summer) - It is characterized by cold and rich water. It is suitable for children and families to play.
Natural observation(summer) - Children are to observe wild flowers and insects and trees to learn.
Forest bathing - Tourists can enjoy and relax in the forest.
Pal-gak-san autumnal color music festival and mountain-hiking competition(fall) - It is effective for improving physical and emotional health by watching and listening musical
performances of celebrities and climbing the mountain.

A day’s trip: Arrival-natural observation-water play experience-collecting wild herbs-Pal-gak-san mountain hiking-Heading for home
One night and two day trip: Arrival-Pal-gak-san climbing-one night stay at the village accommodation-observing wild flowers-Camping at Ok-gye valley-Forest bathing-Heading for home
Local specialty and food

wild greens, shiitake mushroom


homepage : www.palgagsan.com

How to get there

From Seoul → Kyeong-bu Highway → Dae-jeon → Dae-gu → Po-hang(No.7 road) → passing Sam-sa ocean park, running another 400m straight and taking left turn to Dalsan direction → 22km → Ok-gye Mountain Village

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