Hyangnamu (Aromatic Tree) in Jukbyeon-ri, Uljin

Hyangnamu (Aromatic Tree) in Jukbyeon-ri, Uljin
  • Item : Natural Monument No 158
  • Quantity and Volume : one, 284㎡
  • Designated Day : 1964. 01.31
  • Site : 297-2, Hujeong-ri, Jukbyeon-myeon, Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Maintaining Agency : Uljin-gun

Aromatic trees inhabit in the south of the central areas of Korea and Japan and is also called Sangnamu (tree) or old pine tree. As this tree has strong aroma, it is used as garden trees and park trees or material to burn incense for religious services.

The aromatic tree which grows in Jukbyeon-ri, Uljin is estimated to be about 500 years old and is divided into two branches from the root. One is 11m in height and 1.25m in girth and the other is 10m in height and 0.94m in girth.

There is a shrine for a tutelary deity beside the tree, and village residents consider it as a sacred tree. It is said to be one of the aromatic trees which were washed away from Ulleungdo (Island).

As the aromatic tree in Jukbyeon-ri, Uljin has been taken care of by our ancestors for a long time, it is well to be preserved for folk and biological reasons. Therefore it is designated and protected as a Natural Monument.

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