Gwaneumsong (Pine Tree of Mercy) in Yeongwol

Gwaneumsong (Pine Tree of Mercy) in Yeongwol
  • Item : Natural Monument No 349
  • Quantity and Volume : one, 225㎡
  • Designated Day : 1988. 04.30
  • Site : San 67-1, Gwangcheon-ri, Nam-myeon, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do
  • Maintaining Agency : Yeongwol-gun

Gwaneumsong in Yeongwol grows in Cheongryeongpo of Yeongwol and is estimated to be about 600 years old. It is 30m in height and 5m in girth. It is divided into two branches at 1.2m high from the ground, and one grows upward and the other grows to the west slanting a little.

Cheongryeongpo is a place where Danjong (King) was exiled after being usurped in the second year(1456) of Sejo (King) and he spent time riding on its split branches. Gwan which means 'watching' and it originated that it watched Danjong (King)'s wretched life. Eum means 'sound' and it was originated that it heard sad voice of Danjong (King). Therefore it is called Gwaneumsong. As it has informed the village inhabitants of those by turing the bark of the tree into black whenever big accidents happened in the country, they consider this tree very precious. As Gwaneumsong in Yeongwol is valuable for historical and academic study having a legend of Danjong(Kong), etc, it is designated and protected as Natural Monument.

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