Sotaenamu (Bitterwood) in Songsa-dong

Sotaenamu (Bitterwood) in Songsa-dong
  • Item : Natural Monument No 174
  • Quantity and Volume : one, 1,941㎡
  • Designated Day : 1966. 01.13
  • Site : 100-74, Songsa-ri, Giran-myeon, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Maintaining Agency : Andong-si

As bitterwood contains quassin ingredient which makes bitter taste in the bark of a tree, it is very bitter. Our saying, 'it is as bitter as gall', represents the taste straightforwardly. Branches and fruit are used as medicine for symptoms such as indigestion, gastroenteritis, etc. The age of bitterwood in Songsa-dong can not be estimated but it is 20m in height and 4.65m in girth. It grows on the backyard of Songgil elementary school and is forming a small forest with about 10 trees such as Japanese pagoda trees, zelkova and hackberries.

Exact history has not been known about it, it seems to have been protected as a forest of a tutelary deity to protect and defend the village because there are the village shrine and several big and old trees together around it. The Village inhabitants have still performed religious services on every January 15th for peace and a good harvest of the village so far.

As the bitterwood in Songsa-dong is well to be preserved for biological and cultural reasons find out our ancestors' religious culture. It is designated and protected as a Natural Monument.

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