Gomsol (Bear Pine) (Heuksong, Black Pine Tree) in Jeju-si

Gomsol (Bear Pine) (Heuksong, Black Pine Tree) in Jeju-si
  • Item : Natural Monument No 160
  • Quantity and Volume : eight, 7,253㎡
  • Designated Day : 1964. 01.31
  • Site : 375-1, Ara-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju
  • Maintaining Agency : Jeju-si

A Gomsol is in the pine tree family. As its leaves are stronger than those of usual pines, it's called Gomsol (Bear Pine). While a winter bud of a pine tree is red, a light gray winter bud is a characteristic of a black pine tree. It is called a Haesong (marine pine tree, a species of pine) because it inhabits along the beach. And also it is called Heuksong, a black pine tree because its black colored trunk is darker than that of regular pine trees. It is usually used as a windbreak forest or a tide-break forest because of its feature which is resistant to sea breeze and salt.

The black pine tree in Jeju-si (city) is estimated to be about 500~600 years old and 28m in height and 5.8m in girth. Aside from the tree designated as a Natural Monument, there are 8 more black pine trees and hackberries, mallotus, bead trees, etc. around here.

Residents have performed religious services to heaven on Baengnokdam (Crater lake) of Hallasan (Mt.) in Jeju since time immemorial. But when it was bad or the path was too steep, they performed the services on Sancheondan (Altar) where black pine tree stands. Long time ago, our ancestors believed that when the gods of the heaven came down to the human world, they would take a rest on a big tree for a while on the way, and the village inhabitants also believed that this black pine tree was the passage the gods came though. Therefore they have protected it as a sacred tree.

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