Ginkgo in Duseo-myeon

Ginkgo in Duseo-myeon
  • Item : Natural Monument No 64
  • Quantity and Volume : one, 238㎡
  • Designated Day : 1962. 12.03
  • Site : 860, Guryang-ri, Duseo-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan
  • Maintaining Agency : Ulju-gun

Even considered as living fossils, ginkgoes are old trees that inhabit in Korea, Japan and China. It is said that those were brought into the country together with Confucianism and Buddhism when they were introduced from China. Their fall foliage is very beautiful and they are not damaged by blight and harmful insects and provide wide and thick shade, they are often planted to serve as arbors or roadside trees.

Ginkgo in Duseo-myeon is estimated to be about 530 years old and 22m in height and 11.9m in girth. Now, it stands in the middle of fields of Jungni Village, Guryang-ri and provides shady place in the village, where farmers can take a rest.

It is said that when Yi Panyun quit as an official and came down here, he took it from Seoul and planted near the pond of his house about 500 years ago, and if women who are not unable to have son pray for a son toward the decayed hole under the tree, they can have son.

Ginkgo in Duseo-myeon has lived with our ancestors for a long time, and as it is very valuable for folk and cultural material, it is designated and protected as a Natural Monument.

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