KFS Minister :  Sung-Hyun NAM
Forests have always been with us, providing economic, environmental and social benefits as well as vital source of life for people.

Thanks to forests, we can breathe, drink clean water and live harmoniously together with wildlife.

Our forests, which were severely destroyed in the past, are fully restored to boast their lush greens, standing shoulder to shoulder with those of OECD countries.

Now, the Korea Forest Service is striving to turn these forests to the place where income-led growth and job creation are realized. We also spare no effort to provide forest welfare so that everyone can benefit from forests.

The Korea Forest Service remains committed to protecting the lives and properties of our people from natural disasters including wildfire.

As usual, the Korea Forest Service will continue to protect and nurture our invaluable forests and help people enjoy what forests offer.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement for the Korea Forest Service.

Thank you.

KFS Minister Sung-Hyun NAM

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